From the Dentist’s Mouth

(June – July 2017 Edition)

A preferred provider scheme is a financial agreement with a dental practice. What this means is that the health fund directs it’s clients to the preferred providers and in exchange the dental practice can only performs certain procedures at a price determined by the health fund. Quality of service, including Practice Accreditation and correct sterilization of instruments is NOT a prerequisite for this agreement!

At Camp Hill Dental, we believe it is not possible to deliver our high standard of care to our patients while being bound by financial contracts with nearly 100 health funds. We strongly believe that dental
treatment should be based on your needs, and not determined by a health fund.

We pride ourselves on providing dental care of the highest quality to all of our patients, with or without a health fund. Strictly adhered to infection control procedures, state of the art equipment, continual professional development and adequate staffing to care for our valued patients takes time and commitment of every dental team member.

At present, Camp Hill Dental participates in CDBS scheme & Veteran Affairs scheme to help our community.

We have the HICAPS system which we use to claim on your health fund by simply scanning your health fund card upon completion of your visit – at no extra effort to you! You only pay the difference.

ALL members of ANY health fund are welcome at Camp Hill Dental!

Something to Chew Over…


Should I be rinsing my mouth out with water after I brush my teeth?

Everyone rinses their mouth with water after brushing their teeth, don’t they?

How else are you supposed to get rid of that strong minty taste and clear your mouth of leftover toothpaste? Contrary to popular belief, rinsing your mouth after brushing is actually NOT the right thing to do. In fact, if you do rinse out your mouth with water after brushing, you are getting rid of the precious fluoride from your mouth, the very thing that protects your teeth.
Fluoride strengthens (or remineralises) your enamel & helps young children develop healthy adult teeth.

Dentist’s TIP: If you want strong & healthy teeth; spit the toothpaste but NEVER rinse with water after brushing!

Thank you to all who have been participating in our “REFERRAL REWARDS” incentive! We love meeting new patients that have been referred by you, and what better way to show our appreciation than by
giving both of you $50 off your following appointments.
Please feel free to drop in at any time and pick up a referral card (or two) free of charge, pop your name on the back and give it to someone you know in need of a dentist and you will both receive $50 off!
Thank you again & we look forward to seeing you soon!

A bit of dental humour…


Braces himself

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