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Dr Kathryn Perry opened Camp Hill Dental in 1988 and moved to its current position in 1992.  Her husband, Chris found the house in 1991 and after planning approval in 1992 they packed up and moved to the newly renovated premises.

Dr Kathryn Perry has lived in the Camp Hill area since she married her husband, Chris, in 1976.   They have 4 children, all of which have worked at Camp Hill Dental during their university studies as dental receptionists or assistants.  Kathryn’s youngest daughter, Jenny completed a nursing degree and after a spell of travelling, she decided to do dentistry.

Dr Jennifer Perry joined the practice in 2009 and her husband and 3 daughters also reside in Camp Hill.  Jennifer and Kathryn work well together with their varying talents and compliment each other’s strengths.

Dr Emily Perry is a visiting ENT Specialist and has worked in the practice approximately once per week since 2015.  ENT and dentistry do have a lot in common!

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Camp Hill Dental
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