Periodontal Disease


At Camp Hill Dental we do far more than just examine and monitor your teeth.

We will assess the health of all the supporting structures within your mouth, especially your gums and bone for signs of jaw bone disease (also known as “Periodontal Disease”).

If it’s been over 12 months or longer since your last professional clean or your gums bleed when you brush, you could be suffering from jaw bone disease.

With practical education and a thorough professional clean, you will feel like you are back in control of your oral health.

Call us today to book an appointment before it’s too late.

Symptoms of Jaw Bone Disease

“Often the only symptom a patient may notice is a very small amount of occasional bleeding and their breath might not be as fresh due to teeth having the presence of pus surrounding them. We can assess our patients for jaw bone disease simply by measuring and observing how much bone has been eaten away by bacteria. We use a special measuring stick to do this and anything over 3mm is a gauge that the bacteria has burrowed too deep and now cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. Unfortunately without treatment, the burrowing bacteria will continue painlessly until it’s too late and your teeth become mobile due to lack of bone support.”

Dr Kathryn Perry

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