Dr Kathryn Perry


Dr Kathryn Perry

B.D.Sc (Qld)

Dr Kathryn Perry is an energetic and enthusiastic principle dentist at Camp Hill Dental.  Kathy has lived and worked in Camp Hill for over 40 years. Kathy owned Cavendish Road Surgery since 1976 and subsequently Camp Hill Dental since 1988 and now treats the grandchildren of her original patients. In 2009, her daughter, Jenny joined her mother as a newly graduated dentist. She enjoys mentoring Jenny and the other dentists who work for her at Camp Hill Dental.

“My life-long passion has been with computers, art and science and they all come together in dentistry.  I love the variety and depth of dentistry and have made sure that only the best will do by attending conferences from running my business to the art of CEREC glazing.  Dentistry has been a wonderful career as I can help my patients by educating them from hygiene to dental implants. I believe in a truly individualised and holistic approach to dentistry to achieve a great natural healthy smile for all my patients.”

“Every patient I see for dental treatment comes to me with different concerns and different treatment objectives. My patients have different health concerns, lifestyles and budgets.

I was the first dentist in my year to venture into debt and buy a dental practice at Cavendish Road, Coorparoo. I quickly learnt the business side of dentistry. Within a week of owning the surgery, my husband Chris painted the surgery and I cleaned the surgery from top to bottom, refurnished the dental chair with new vinyl and paint, bought an autoclave and we were open for business in 1976. We were newly married and Chris was a medical student.

In 1980, we decided to sell the practice to work in Ghana in Holy Family Hospital, Nkawkaw. We cleaned the operating theatre where I discovered extraction forceps. Chris and I were quite busy around the hospital and I had my one year old daughter, Emily, in tow as I gave dental maternal care talks and extracted many teeth. We went home in January 1981 and I gave birth to a daughter, Jennifer who is now a dentist working in my practice. Jenny and I are working together to make Camp Hill Dental the best boutique and family owned practice in Brisbane.

Emily, an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, now works about one day per week at Camp Hill Dental as well as in her father’s rooms in Wickham Terrace. Emily is a consultant at Royal Brisbane Hospital doing Head and Neck surgery and Lady Cilento Hospital doing Paediatric or Children’s surgery. She often sees our patients for ENT Surgery consultation in our rooms. This is very much a family orientated practice.

In 1988, Kathryn rented surgery space in the newly built Carina Medical Centre and after four years, ventured into buying 5 Stanley Road, Camp Hill. The dental chair and instruments were packed up and moved to the newly renovated brick house and very large car park. In 2008, Chris and Kathryn bought the adjacent property on a spur of the moment decision. In 2009, architect Ian Webb helped us join two brick buildings with a two story add-on into our dream surgery. In January 2010, the White House of dental surgeries was open.

Dental Education

I take every educational course I can from hygiene to sleep apnoea and snoring, CEREC crowns and restorations, dental implants, aesthetic restorations, computer courses and business courses to run the best practice surgery possible. Practice Accreditation and Prime Practice has made our practice a leader in dentistry. I have been president of Vardiman Dental Study Association – twice.  I find personal satisfaction educating our patients and seeing a transition from “I hate dentists” to suggesting their own treatment plans. I believe in a life-time plan and only good hygiene will achieve this goal. I believe I have the most toys of any dental practice from digital x-rays, a state of the art sterilization room, CEREC machine, rotary endodontic (root canal) machines to dental implant machines. Our intra oral cameras allow me to show our patients their teeth so they can see what we can see.  I sometimes refer to dental specialists to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Living and working locally

I have enjoyed living in the Eastern suburbs since 1976. Our first home was at Norman Park and we built a home in Camp Hill in 1986. I love how Camp Hill has transformed over the years. My four children have grown up in the area and all attended St Thomas’ school. I have been involved in the local parish as Chairperson and was secretary of St Thomas’ mothers club. We love how some of our grandchildren now attend their mother’s school.

Charity work

I have been involved with Revive® Foundation that in conjunction with BoysTown® refurbished several hospitals in third world.  About 200 beds were sent in shipping containers to the Ghanaian hospital we worked in in 1980/81. Cost of this project was $20 000 for shipping and sending one of our group who was a medical technician, over to Ghana to make sure the beds were assembled correctly and education in maintenance of the beds to ensure a long term effective outcome. The donated beds would have cost about $800 000 if new. We were delighted to go to Ghana as tourists and see the beds used well. I even had to take out a tooth of one of local drivers as the next dentist was 6 hours away by road.

My Hobbies

I love tennis both playing singles with Liz but secretly wishing I could play like Roger Federer. I enjoy body surfing at Noosa, going to the gym so I can continue to enjoy food, scuba diving and skiing. I love spending time with my expanding family as I have 8 grandchildren. Sunday night dinners with the family can be dinner for 18 with 3 infants being non-starters.  I adore my garden and change plants with energetic efficiency. I love travelling with our group of friends – the Croatian 7 or the China 9 and soon to be Russian 12.

I enjoy sewing and quilting and have my large handmade quilt in our lounge room. I love art and exploring its complexity from oils to etchings and even have some of my paintings on my surgery walls.

I love dentistry as generally there is art in most procedures we do. I enjoy glazing my CEREC crowns to get that individual edge to each one.

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