2 Crowns on Front Teeth

  • Crowns are generally made of Porcelain but may be made of Gold or combination of porcelain and gold.
  • The main central tooth broke off at gum line on LHS and RHS old crown was worn and chipped.
  • Quick repair on the day so a POST could be made to reinforce the LHS tooth for the new crowns.
  • Temporary crowns are placed while crowns are fabricated.
  • Two gold posts cemented into place and impressions taken in a special tray for a great fit.
  • Temporary crowns are made is made of resin material and cemented with temporary cement.
  • Crowns are cemented with strong adhesive cement. The next day they are ready for chewing.

4 Crowns on Front Teeth

  • The accident affected 4 front teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatments were performed on 3 teeth first due to abscess formation following the trauma.
  • Crowns used to give a strong functional yet have a great bright, natural smile.