Cancer, pregnancy and sleep dental care.

Dental Care for Cancer Patients

At Camp Hill Dental, we are focused on providing specialised dental care and treatment for cancer patients. But we also take a preventative approach in looking for changes in your mouth that could indicate disease. This includes precancerous lesions and suspicious-looking areas or growths that might need further evaluation. We will check you for early signs of oral cancer during each of your regular dental check ups, so we can keep on top of this issue every step of the way. However, you can ask us at any time for an extra oral cancer screening.

We make use of advanced technology and assess your risk factors in-depth. This extends to educating our patients on the benefits of a healthy diet and being a non-smoker (making sure not to deprive your body of those essential antioxidants and vitamins). Also, don’t ignore the importance of a daily hygiene routine. There is building evidence that poor oral hygiene and chronic irritation of soft tissues from sharp and badly broken down teeth increases the risk of oral cancer, particularly on the side of the tongue and cheeks. We can polish any rough edges and restore broken teeth.

A message from Dr Kathryn Perry


Being diagnosed with cancer is arguably one of life’s most traumatic events. You will be given a lot of information about your treatment options so it is understandable that the first thing you think of will not be how your mouth and teeth will be affected.  I have cancer in 5 family members and a close friend–breast, throat, prostate, bowl, melanoma and ovarian.

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