For a brighter, whiter and more confident smile.

Smile Makeover

The physical act of smiling is known to have a positive effect on your mood and the perception of people around you, so why not make your smile a dazzling one? With Camp Hill Dental, each smile makeover is tailored to fit your individual needs and preferences.

A smile makeover takes into consideration the overall form and function of your mouth. Treatment may be as simple as teeth whitening and dental bonding, or may involve a full makeover of the front teeth using dental veneers or dental crowns. We implement advanced technology so that your smile makeover can be achieved with no damage to healthy teeth. After your initial consultation, we will give you a comprehensive treatment plan so you will know what to expect – each step of the way.


From both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, it is important to have the upper and lower teeth meet in a biting position (also known as occlusion) for ideal alignment. There are many other misalignment issues that may call for the application of orthodontics. These include crowding, protruding front teeth, crossbite, spacing and underbite/overbite.

Using braces or aligners (including Invisalign), our dentists can help to align your teeth and prevent any orthodontic-related difficulties from affecting overall quality-of-life. Of course, having straightened teeth can also greatly improve the shape and appearance of your mouth and smile.


There are many treatments and techniques in cosmetic dentistry that can be used to improve the appearance of teeth, such as simple non-invasive procedures like teeth whitening and bonding. But if you are especially concerned about the shape, size or colour of your teeth, or if they display conspicuously worn/chipped surfaces – then veneers might be an attractive option for you!

Veneers can address various concerns in one method. They are used to make teeth appear straighter, close gaps, rebuild worn down teeth, restore broken teeth, improve the colour of teeth and cover mild discolourations. They are made with very thin slices of porcelain or composite and can be used to restore one or more teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Whether you are missing entire teeth, or have partial tooth loss (chipped, broken or weakened teeth) the team Camp Hill Dental can help you to get back your grin. If you have missing teeth or spaces, a bridge may be the solution to perfecting your smile and restoring your bite. Your natural adjacent teeth are used to anchor this device, with an artificial tooth suspended in the gap. The dental bridge is then cemented in place to form a permanent tooth replacement solution.