Rebuild, Replace, Restore

Whether you are missing entire teeth, or have partial tooth loss (chipped, broken or weakened teeth) the team Camp Hill Dental can help you to get back your grin. If you have missing teeth or spaces, a bridge may be the solution to perfecting your smile and restoring your bite. Your natural adjacent teeth are used to anchor this device, with an artificial tooth suspended in the gap. The dental bridge is then cemented in place to form a permanent tooth replacement solution.

Dentures and Dental Crowns

In contrast, dentures are removable dental appliances which are a flexible and budget-friendly option. If you only need to replace a tooth in part or strengthen a tooth that has had a root canal, we will use a dental crown. This is a tooth-like cap that is cemented into position and covers the entire portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line.


We provide a number of options in teeth replacement, which may be viable depending on our assessment of your teeth, mouth and jaw. At Camp Hill Dental, we have witnessed positive changes in many of our patients who have benefited from a more confident smile. Just take a look at these case studies: