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Bad breath & dry mouth

No one appreciates bad breath – whether it’s you with the problem or someone close to you. So you can avoid hiding around corners, you should know that there are effective ways to fight bad breath. These will depend on the reasons for bad breath (also known as halitosis) in the first place. These typically include the types of foods you consume, dehydration and your approach to oral hygiene. Although, sometimes there may be underlying medical conditions. At Camp Hill Dental, we are here to identify and treat the cause.

Something which is closely associated with bad breath is the experience of a really dry mouth or xerostomia. It can be caused by medications or underlying health issues. The condition often means a lack of sufficient saliva (also known as salivary dysfunction) to wash away food particles and odour-causing materials in your mouth. That’s why the best advice for tackling bad breath/dry mouth goes beyond making those essential lifestyle changes (limiting caffeine, keeping hydrated, quitting smoking and eating healthier) and extends to a rigorous oral hygiene routine.